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Wooden Planter Box with Trellis

100% solid wood:
Ample climbing planting and storage space
Humanized design
Ergonomic height

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100% Solid Wood: The raised garden bed is made of 100% natural fir wood, with exquisite workmanship, high hardness, good weather resistance, deformation resistance and durability.
Ample Space for Climbing Planting and Storage: The elevated planter is designed with a large, deep plant box for fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers, a rectangular grid for climbing plants, and a bottom shelf for shovel storage , scissors, flower pots, watering cans, etc. Additionally, there is a top shelf for tool storage and potted plants.

HUMANIZED DESIGN: The plant box stand includes a black liner that separates the wood from the soil, protecting the garden beds from water damage while allowing for proper drainage. In addition, there is a set of casters that allow it to be easily moved to any part of the garden.

ERGONOMIC HEIGHT: The plant box is 54″ tall, which eliminates the need to bend over or kneel when planting, tending, or harvesting plants, putting less strain on the spine and knees.


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