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Trellis Elevated Planter Box

The bottom of the pot is designed with drainage holes

Provides ample storage space for a variety of items

High-quality materials and stable construction

Easy assembly and wide application

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The bottom of the pot is designed with drainage holes to prevent plants from being submerged or overwatered, and to enhance air circulation.

Ample Storage Space for Various Items: This elevated planter comes with many storage compartments. You can store bulky, large garden tools and potted plants on the bottom shelf, and store frequently used tools in the drawer below the table top.

Premium Material & Stable Construction: This planter stand is made of natural and selected fir wood with fine texture and durable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

EASY TO ASSEMBLY AND WIDE APPLICATION: The assembly is easy to follow the instructions. With this elevated planter, you can manage and care for your plants more conveniently and reduce back and waist pain.


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