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Oversized Wooden Garden Bed

70 Inch Wooden Raised Garden Bed with Funnel Design,

High Capacity Non-woven Fabric Planter,

Large Growing Space and Good Breathability,

Natural Material Fir Wood, Non-woven Fabric


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LARGE SPACE: The large capacity of this raised garden bed provides enough room for your plants to grow, and it has a maximum load capacity of 990 lbs. Plant stands create a variety of options that can perfectly meet your various planting ideas.
STURDY AND DURABLE: This garden box is made of solid wood. The design of three sets of A-shaped wooden legs below makes this raised flowerpot more stable on the ground.
Normal Human Height: The height of this garden bed is 28.25 inches, you can take care of your plants as much as possible without bending over, keep your plants away from pets
Good air permeability: The distance between each pot is about 1 cm to ensure that the air permeability around each plant is at the top. Elevated garden nonwovens protect soil from runoff.


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