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Mini Wooden Greenhouse Garden

Wooden structure, strong and durable

translucent plastic sheet

Provide enough space to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and more.

Suitable for patios, balconies, gardens, courtyards and more.

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Lid – The mini greenhouse lid can be opened and closed. The cover can be opened to allow the plants to absorb sunlight and ventilate, or the cover can be closed to prevent rain.
HIGH QUALITY – The garden greenhouse frame is made of high-quality wood, sturdy and durable, with strong bearing capacity, higher stability and long service life.
LARGE CAPACITY – The plant tray provides more storage space for your plants, fruits and flowers as needed. The mini greenhouse is suitable for patios, balconies, gardens and more.
Translucent Sheet – Translucent PC sheet allows for maximum light transmission to keep plants warm. Plus, they allow you to keep an eye on how your plants are growing.
EASY TO INSTALL – The mini wooden garden greenhouse is easy to install with installation materials. It can be disassembled when not in use to save space.


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