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48” Wood Raised Garden Bed

Stable and durable all-wood structure

Large planting space for a variety of plants

Excellent drainage performance

Ergonomic height

Easy to assemble

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STABLE AND DURABLE ALL WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Our raised garden beds are made of selected fir wood, which is weather-resistant and high-strength, ensuring high durability and stability. Thickened side panels make this raised garden bed not easy to deform and can be used for a long time.

LARGE PLANTING SPACE FOR VARIOUS PLANTS: The raised wooden planter measures 45″ x 21″, provides ample planting space and provides ample space for plants to take root. Suitable for all kinds of plants, such as fruits, herbs, vegetables, flowers, etc.

EXCELLENT DRAINAGE: This wooden planter features a funnel design and drainage holes to avoid standing water, which prevents root rot and salt build-up in the soil. Drainage holes also enhance air circulation inside the pot, ensuring your plants grow healthily.

ERGONOMIC HEIGHT AND PROTECT YOUR PLANTS: With an ergonomic height of 32 inches, you don’t have to bend over or kneel while managing your plants, reducing muscle stress and avoiding back pain.

EASY ASSEMBLY AND INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: The standing grow bed is easy to assemble according to the instructions.


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